Who Is Jesus in Your Life?

What do you say about Jesus? Who is He to you?

The haunting query that everyone has to offer with in this lifestyle is: “Who is Jesus?” Is He just one more gentleman? Is He a liar? Is He a lunatic – who went off on some nuts delusion and got a bunch of folks to comply with Him? Or is He Lord – the Son of God who arrived from heaven, modeled a Godly lifestyle for us, skilled twelve males to set up His Kingdom (Church) and then managed to get Himself crucified to pay for the sins of all who would repent and believe in Him?

If you say that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, how properly do you know Him? How effectively can you give a thorough response to someone who asks you about the existence and teachings of Jesus Christ?

If you discuss to a Muslim, they can explain to you all about Mohammed. Chat to a Buddhist and they know all about Buda. Chat to a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon and they can notify you about their respective chief. But how several Christians know the lifestyle and teachings of Jesus and can speak confidently about His existence to other individuals?

Our ignorance of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ displays in the conduct of our Christians. The divorce of Christian marriages equals that of the world. who is jesus The place is our faith in Jesus? Christians watch sit-coms that advertise sexual immorality and R-rated films and pretend that it will not influence them. Would Jesus watch that type of “entertainment”? We ponder why so a lot of Christian ladies are dressing like immoral females and why so numerous teenagers are acquiring pregnant. What does Jesus say about the sanctity of sexual intercourse becoming in between a husband and wife? Forty per cent of Christian gentlemen have a dilemma with pornography. Where’s Jesus’ influence in their life? My wife questioned a woman many years ago who went to church, but was sleeping with guys she was not married to and bragging about it. Exactly where is Christ in her life?

What about the operate location and the local community? How several people cheat their employer or supply significantly less than their best operate, however they call themselves Christians? What about the corruption that some company engage in, cheating buyers, lying to bosses, co-workers or buyers, and many others. However they are in church every SONday, smiling, carrying their Bible and thanking the minister for that “great sermon”. How does that reflect Christ?

Our nation’s number one problem is that we have gotten away from following the lifestyle and teachings of Jesus Christ. The only resolution is to review every little thing about Jesus and enable Him alter us to be the kind of people who look and act like Christians. I have talked with a lot of ministers and Christians and we all concur. The funny point is that they don’t see that it is their congregation that needs to be Receiving To Know Jesus. They somehow apply it to other churches, but not their very own.

Do you genuinely know Jesus? If you truly do, then why are not you educating other people so they can come to know Him also? Do actually know Jesus? I will suggest that if you do, then you know His adore for you and other folks. If you actually enjoy Jesus, you are likely to want other individuals to know about Him the way you do so they will live like Christians instead of worldly people.

Receiving To Know Jesus is a Bible examine sequence of every function in the daily life and teachings of Jesus Christ that is made to switch individuals again to being real followers of Jesus. Let’s function ogether and get began turning this nation again to Christ by turning our properties, churches, communities and metropolitan areas back again to Christ. Let’s end this dilemma and construct the resolution into the life of these close to us (and our own lives as properly).

Glen Copple is an ordained minister who has in excess of twenty five years of preaching and educating knowledge in ministering to non-denominational church buildings. In 1983, he gained a Master of Arts in Ministry from Pacific Christian School (now Hope Global University) in Fullerton, CA, and has had ministries in Kansas, Missouri, and California.

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